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Money & Financial Wealth / Re: Best Business Books
« on: 2017 01 11 - 06:20 »
Here are my top 3 that have had the biggest influence in my life:

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad "Robert Kiyosaki" - this may sound like a cliche, but this book COMPLETELY changed the way I think about money and income and work. If Your thinking about making a positive change in your life financially, this is THE #1 book to read, before you do anything. That's my personal opinion.

2. Cashflow Quadrant "Robert Kiyosaki" - that's a sequel to "Rich Dad Poor Dad", digs a little deeper and shows different types of people that are in the financial world. Really opens your eyes when you've read the book and You start to look the people around you.

3. "Circle of Profit: How to Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million" - Talks about how to make money online. Very good read and really open your eyes about online wealth when You haven't started a business online.

This is my top 3. Absolutely recommend these books and hope You get value from them as well!

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