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'Always going with the flow can sap your efforts and kill all your dreams.
It can disempower you and you can end up full of regret and disillusionment
Follow your dreams! Make constant efforts and become happy and fulfilled. There is nothing you cannot achieve! Great human beings - those who transform society, never just go with the flow."

- Mike Pettigrew

I like that ! Good share, thanks  ;D

Speed reading as in what we get out of books we speed read through ? Elaborate on this topic more please?

As they say " Hard work beats Talent, when Talent doesn't work Hard " Never stop improving, Never let fear stand in your way, and Never stop trying to succeed. You will get confident at each try, it comes down to :

Achieved through self discipline and personal development. Good luck. ;)

Goals, Habits & Planning / Re: Goal Setting Tips
« on: 2015 05 29 - 10:24 »
Break any goal into smaller more manageable goals, then just complete them one by one. The reward system is a great way to motivate as mentioned above.  ;D

Money & Financial Wealth / Re: Advice
« on: 2015 05 29 - 10:20 »
That would be a good idea.  I see you already have an email optin form ... I would suggest you marry up the two lists so that you only have one main list to market to.  I think you can do this with aweber.

If the audios are filled with great content, then why not bundle up the first two or three offer them free then charge for the rest?

I hope this helps.

That would be the best way to go. Aweber is a great mailing list service, start there.

Trello is great for task and goal management. I like it because its a easy to use interface and multiple people can work off the same lists.

I listen to all people, especially elder people. They have been there and done that, I don't block out anyone. I like the saying talk less and listen more. Absorb all different experiences and knowledge in life. As per what your asking if I know like a Mr. Miyagi or a Wise Old Owl on a tree stump, then no not yet. I learn from people experiences and shared knowledge. Haven't found anyone yet with the all knowing answers.

Well there does need to be a balance in life. Like you said if you focus on one thing greater then the other and neglect the more valuable and vital things in life like family, then you need to organize your priorities better.

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