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There is a great article about ways to gain confidence here

You will learn:

01. Keep Yourself Happy : Make yourself happy first, before trying to make others happy.
02. Learn to face Problems : Tackle your problems head on, find out what your issues/problems are then work on solving them.
03. Learn From Your Experiences : Don't get stuck in a loop of failure, shame, or regret. Always move forward and don't look back.
04. Keep Negativity at Bay : Never give up and never loose hope. Believe in yourself.
05. Know Yourself : No one can judge you better than yourself. Take time to meditate and relax, get to know yourself better.

Good luck and let us know your progress!  :D

Here are some highly recommended Inspirational Books that are a must read. I just wanted to share some of my collection with you all, hoping you can benefit from them:

1. The 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen. R. Covey

3. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

You will learn life lessons that you can apply today to see positive change and success.

Learn more about them at

If you have read them, please share your experience. Also, what is in your book collection that is a must read? Maybe I can add it to the list.

Alright guys here is a Step-By-Step guide on how to Stop Procrastination. We know this is a common habit among millions of us that we must snap out of if we want to get things done and achieve our goals.

Let's break some things down where you can start:
 1. You need to know what your root problem is that your trying to avoid.
 2. What is your brain telling yourself you could be doing instead.
 3. Imagine how it will make you feel after completing the task you been putting off.
 4. What are the consequences of not completing this task?
 5. Think of the reward for completing the task.
 6. Get motivated, put your favorite playlist on and get your body and mind in motion.
 7. Break the task down into smaller and more manageable tasks.
 8. Remove the distractions, yes the T.V. and Social Media got to go!
Commit to one small task at a time until its complete.

You can receive your FREE detailed guide here -->

Let me know if you need any help or guidance. Thanks and good luck!

The only one that can change you is yourself. Self Talk is great for doing this, focus on the things you must improve with clarity.

I'll have to share this one! I know some people who could really use it  ;)

Physical Health & Skills / Re: The Paleo Diet
« on: 2015 05 29 - 15:01 »
Paleo has been great for me. I always enjoy going all natural and organic. So the only thing I had a hard time cutting out was bread and sugars. Once you get over that hump and stick to all natural organic beef, chicken, fruits, and vegetables it becomes enjoyable. Not to mention the great effects it does for the mind and body.

Physical Health & Skills / Re: Meditation Instruction
« on: 2015 05 29 - 14:57 »
Invalid link? Did you remove your video?

Some studies show that Digital Note taking and reading proves more retain-able then old fashion paper and pen. Not to include how easier and more convenient it is. Technology has become an everyday part of our lives and is moving more faster then ever.

About smart phone apps, yes they have made my life more organized and productive. I have Apps to schedule, remind and resources to pull from if needed. Great topic though, but my awnser is Yes, Technology does help with my Personal Development.  ;)

I'm have to try that sharpen your knife with the coffee mug, I am always looking for the sharpener and always have a coffee mug and a knife around. LOL . Thanks Admin!  8)

Cognition, Psychology & Rationality / Re: Risk vs. Reward
« on: 2015 05 29 - 14:43 »
Great post Mike, its all about Risk Management. Weight out the Reward compared to the Risk. Yes, that is true we all must take risks here and there, try and learn. Apply your knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcomes.  ;D

Sounds interesting, never tried this method. I might look into this... thanks for the share!

A basic thought here:

One reason (I believe) that our memory seems to "fade" as we get older is simply due to the fact that we do not "exercise" our brain/memory in a way that would help.

Two thoughts:
     1. I know a guy that is in his 70's that told me he visited with his Doctor and mentioned how he would have a hard time remember things from time to time. He usually would eventually remember what it was but, it still bothered him that it took so long. The Doctor told him that, many times, it's simply due to the fact that LIFE-LONG MEMORIES have been stored in our mind and, just like a room full of files, sometimes it just takes a little longer to find that particular "memory file".
     2. The other day I stopped by and visited my 84 year old Mother. She was working on a crossword puzzle which, for as long as I can remember, she has done those as well as other "mind-game" activities. I don't know what it has done for her memory but, I would venture a guess that it has helped keep it "healthier".

Sure, there are some diseases that we cannot control but, I don't think that is really what's being discussed in this thread.

As the saying goes, "Use it or Lose it!"

Whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Very true, keep your body and mind active and it will remain in an optimal state. If you fall in an inactive and sluggish state your body and mind will began to shut down. Isaac Newton had the theory " A body in motion will stay in motion, a body at rest will stay at rest " Keep your mind and body learning, and staying active!

Physical Health & Skills / Re: Running-technique
« on: 2015 05 29 - 11:11 »
I am going to have to try this, I seen those shoes before and want to try them. I will use this technique next time I go jogging and see how it compares. Thanks.

Getting the most for doing the least. That is why so many fail to achieve greatness. They want all the finer things in life without sacrificing and grinding it out to get it. You have to work daily at personal development to achieve your greatness, in other words you must put in the work to reap its rewards.  ;)

Physical Health & Skills / Re: Yoga - General information
« on: 2015 05 29 - 11:03 »
Thanks for the chart, I am using it in my weekly workout routines.

Yes, doing this before exercise has awesome results. Get the body stretched and relaxed then in motion. Great infograph man! 8)

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