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General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: 2016 11 18 - 05:49 »
Hey all y'all! Nice to see you guys! I may be still learning a lot, but I have come a long way struggling with ADHD, anxiety disorders, overthinking, various addictions, concentration issues, impulsive behaviour, lacking judgement(jacking off a lot lol) and just generally making myself productive too with a lot of self help starting from Sports, Gyming, Yoga, and my absolute new found love - Mindfulness. looking forward to sharing my experiences with you guys!

Physical Health & Skills / Re: How to Breathe correctly!
« on: 2016 11 17 - 04:14 »
Completely! Not only I had sinusitis, my struggles with breathing were highlighted as I reached adulthood. Anxiety was getting a hold of me and stressful situation were becoming difficult to deal with even though I excelled in sports and fitness.

How you breathe generally goes such a long way in everything, as far as changing your brain structure! And even after Yoga, what actually made a difference was: Mindfulness

I had to train my self to breathe in situations like sitting, standing, walking, listening (thank you ADHD) which otherwise are involuntary for everyone. That

I started using this app just surfing through mindfulness apps on the iOS store. You have to try it. Aura Health on the istore. I think the website is aurahealth dot I O

When you wake up in the morning, it starts with a 5 minute exercise- that’s it! It creates a program for your life where little by little it forms a habit of practicing mindfulness- integrating it to your life. I love that it programs sessions according to you, how your mood is, how much time you get to use the app etc. The ‘Guided mediation’ is a peaceful voice that narrates it and I think that is the best part. It is actually like there is someone teaching you every step and every move that you need to make. there is a theory that if you have a planned idea of how to do your task, you will not be distracted in how to do it and all of your energy would be concentrated to the task at hand.

Well! There are so many ways to meditate and relax yourself in important circumstances.

I started with yoga. I was 21 at the time. It worked perfectly for me at the time as I had a lot of physical energy to express and doing those asanas was a challenge for me.

I was always known to the fact that after playing football or hitting the gym, I acted mindfully, relaxed and used my brain better. The anxiety seemed to disappear and it felt amazing. But it was difficult to do that if you dont have the environment to play or the energy to hit the gym.

After I felt adept at the physical part of yoga, I felt the voicing 'Om' gave me a different kind of relaxation and awakening. I thought I had opened my third eye haha!

But yoga couldn't work when I was actually in a situation where I wanted (exams, relationship troubles, fearful situations), that is where my mind was open to mindfulness. Mindfulness does not need a 'session' or a yoga mat - it is applicable everywhere! I learnt it through videos on youtube and Aura Health app.

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