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Thanks for the response. Although my question revolved majorly around addictions, not weight loss per say, I agree with your solutions. I myself managed to kick off my unhealthful habits by making gradual lifestyle shifts. However, I still try to stay away from the triggers which could pull me back into an unhealthful rut, since I can be sensitive to the people or situations around.

General Discussion / Inspirational Dose
« on: 2016 06 26 - 04:17 »
Hey friends,

The Universe is over brimming with Divine miracles and magic. So much so that it has become an inseparable part of myself. My habit of drawing inspiration from the Universe led me to create this blog. Would love to have your comments on the posts :)

Who all take daily inspiration from the Universe and stimulate their creativity?

General Discussion / Family Drama and Possessiveness
« on: 2016 06 26 - 04:13 »
Hi Friends,

I was wondering how many of you have been victims of family drama. Or if someone had problems moving out as they grew up, due to over possessive family members. Is it something you could deal with? What measures you took and do you feel it's okay to receive such treatment from your family?

Would love to hear from you all.


General Discussion / Re: Best Self Improvement Books
« on: 2016 06 26 - 04:10 »
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Your Sacred Self by Dr Wayne Dyer. Eat Pray Love and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Almost all books of Doreen Virtue.

Cognition, Psychology & Rationality / Re: Prioritizing
« on: 2016 06 16 - 23:39 »
Extremely useful post !

Prioritizing for me is focusing on the task at hand, one step at a time. Also, I do fret about time limit a lot. So, exercising everyday is important to me, but exercising everyday for 1.5 hours is not.

I have recently finished writing my own book and I can say, commitment is what matters in order to meet priorities. Again, I wrote everyday along with my day job, without giving myself a time limit. And I have successfully completed my debut novel.


There is absolutely no doubt about the efficacy of this method. However, visualization triggers the manifestation process and soon the Universe starts sending ideas to our minds, as solutions to make our dreams come true. The key is to act on those ideas else visualization merely gets limited to lucid fantasizing.


Couldn't agree more. It's being open to interacting with different types that we sometimes actually get to know about our own personalities .

Hey friends,

It's been a year since I have managed to whittle away 70 pounds and stay off unhealthful foods and beverages, most of the time. At one point, I was addicted to consuming caffeine and white sugar. While I relied heavily on prayers and affirmations for my healing (which gave me steady results btw), I must admit that when I choose to indulge, my cravings come back.

 I would like to know if anyone has underwent or has been going such kind of dependency on unhealthful substances. Or if you have successfully healed your cravings from absolutely anything and have tried going sober.

Awaiting your responses, buddies!!


Philosophy, Wisdom & Happiness / Re: Wisdom
« on: 2016 03 09 - 20:21 »
I believe wisdom is that little inner voice that keeps nudging us gently to focus on what really matters like our health, loved ones and our true interests and passions. It shows us red flags whenever something toxic or negative comes in contact with us; irrespective of whether we listen to it or not. Wisdom is something that gives us guidelines how to get back up again after an unfortunate tumble, and how to use our personal power with love in order to stop listening to the Ego mind.

Any more views on wisdom? Let's discuss  :)



An important truth to really understand and believe in is that we are already born confident. It is not something which we need to acquire over time. Being fearless and approaching everything with zest is the adorable trait every baby is born with.

Therefore, trusting in the Universe and the Divine power is something that fulls you with instant confidence. You're here for a Divine reason to fulfill a Divine purpose. And your purpose can be fulfilled only by YOU. Therefore, there is no competition or rivalry, nobody can let you down and supercede you. When you get this truth clear in your mind, any fear or doubt naturally gets cleared away. You become relaxed and more accepting of who you are. And this in turn, increases confidence.

Goals, Habits & Planning / Re: Goal Setting Tips
« on: 2016 02 26 - 23:37 »
In my personal experience, motivation is quite high at the beginning of any goal. However, pressure builds while confidence and motivation level dips as time passes.

Therefore, how I have managed to achieve my goals so far, is by keeping my eyes on the larger picture. Instead of thinking about what rewards I would get on fulfilling a particular goal like achieving weight loss, completing a writing deadline, ending a toxic life pattern or habit etc, I try to focus on efforts. Example : Eating healthfully, moving enough and writing for a set amount of time everyday with or without inspiration.

While pursuing goals, I try to keep myself full in other areas of life, like praying, chanting, reading, traveling and relationships. This speeds up manifestation since I'm not just chasing that particular goal accomplishment.

Let me know your views . Cheers!

So far, I have found movies like Rocky-Part 1,2,3,4 , Bruce Almighty, Eat Pray Love, Forest Gump, The Pursuit of Happiness, Yes Man, very inspirational.

Besides these, there are some movies that are not inspirational per say, but give you a positive boost like  The Holiday, The Internship,  Bucket List and Last Vegas.

Tell me more about such movies. I would love to watch'em! Cheers!!  :)

General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: 2016 02 25 - 18:21 »
Hi friends,

I am Arpita from India and am a fresh joinee of the forum. Great to read about all of you who have newly joined the forum as also who were there earlier.

I believe in constantly growing in every way and wish the same for everyone. After battling long with obesity, food addiction and a string of toxic situations and people in my life, I've finally managed to knock off 50 pounds. I now make healthful life choices and treat myself with compassion. :) :)

I am a writer and simply live to write. I am working on my blog which I would soon be sharing with you all. I am also working on a book.  :) 

I am a reader too. Reading all kinds of self help books, finding out more about the spiritual realm and Quantum Physics, is what consumes me the most. I sincerely believe we're all here on this earth for a Divine mission, and helping each other to fulfill that mission is something which is our moral duty. I aim for world peace and wish to spread the same through my work and life. :)
I also love to travel however have not traveled much till date but have great hopes for the future. Besides, I love cooking, listening to music and singing. Hope to grow and support everyone's growth via this forum :)  I'm sure we all would learn so much from each other. Cheers!

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