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Physical Health & Skills / How to Breathe correctly!
« on: 2015 10 04 - 12:38 »
     Believe it or not. There is a right way and a WRONG way of breathing. Some of you may know and some of you may don't. Regardless, here is a link on what it's all about:

wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=1WMt_1jw47Q (instead of "DOT" put and actual dot " . ")

    That was a 3D video that show'd you what happens inside and how breathing should be. And here is another video on how to do it:


     Now, this may not be the most professional good looking video BUT listen to what he say's and what he does. I personally have been doing just that and here is my experience.

     I was a chest breather was because a few months ago a thought passed in my mind "What if there is a right way of breathing?" I searched it on YouTube and to my surprise there WAS! Not only that there where hundreds of videos but breathing with your diaphragm was a practice that people would do for thousands of years.

     So I watched some videos read a bit on google (some blogs, forums and experts websites) and decided on trying it because of the long list of benefits the one that I was most interested was that it could relieve me from my anxiety. So I decided to do it, plus that all I had to do is breathe in a certain way.

     I can't remember exactly when I started because it was something that I used to do before falling asleep (I discovered that it helped me fall asleep faster) on occasions when I remembered and most of all when I felt anxious. One thing is for sure it's somewhere around half to a full year.

     Today I was doing my daily routine and I remembered about this practice by seeing the Body section on this forum. Breathing with my diaphragm become'd such a part of me that now it is my normal way of breathing. I concentrate on it only when I'm meditating but when I wake up in the morning I wake up "belly breathing" which it's a clear sign that this is how I breath when I'm asleep of course since I started this practice my nightmares diminished incredibly and I rest better.

     I tried to breathe again with my chest just of curiosity to see the difference and I found it to be uncomfortable, it feel weird and I can't seem to breathe "right" just only with the chest, my new pattern of breathing quickly kicks in. Also breathing with the chest now feels only 30% of my capacity of breathing.

     Another difference that I felt and "heard" is my new awesome voice :D. I speak more clearly, a better tonality, more relaxed and the feature which I love the most is much deeper. Also I now have very few to none high pitch't tones.

     Conclusion? Breathe! I really can't stress enough how important it is and how many benefits you can reap by starting today. You will feel a deeper breathe since the very first attempt try and just make a long sound like a " La " with the usual chest breathing and one with the Diaphragm and see which one is the longest.

     I hope you find this useful and make it a part of your life if you haven't done so already.

Good luck in your journey and Take Care!

Physical Health & Skills / Re: The Paleo Diet
« on: 2015 10 03 - 06:34 »
     I never heard of this kind of diet before, I had to do a small research so I could understand the topic. It seems that there's a difference between the usual modern day diet and the paleo diet. So I'm just curious, how do you handle social situations? I had a small period in my life when I tried the vegetarian diet and when a host used to bring a big juiced slice of meat with apple sauce and bread in my plate I would say ,,Oh thank you, I'm vegetarian the salad will do just fine, sorry I didn't know that you prepared a meal for us,, then the look on his/her face " :| "

     This is just a reply that I think it's relevant to your question I never tried the paleo diet but I tried others and this is the part where I found it to be the hardest to deal with. When you decide to take on a new eating habit very often you will face social pressure because people are used to dig in literary anything so they won't expect to find someone who will "question they'r eating habits" (that's how they see things from they'r perspective) and so they WILL treat you different and make a good subject of gossip that will spread and suddenly you will find some degree of sarcasm in people's voices whey they raise the question "What restaurant do we pick tonight?"

     Sadly very often you get discouraged and resign your new lifestyle and chose to conform and when they see that you decided to bite that slice of meat with some "sorrow sauce" they'l put you once again in a uncomfortable position with the question "What happened to your diet? You realized that it's stupid right? Ah a good thing that you came to your senses you were starting to get annoying"

     And of course! That's the final blow and you decide to never do it again. If you decide to conform. Sadly.
     I'm not trying to discourage you or being pessimistic. I'm rising a REAL problem when you decide to do something different like a habit of dieting and think at this situation. Have your answers prepared and your determination in check when this will happen. The benefits you will get when you stick to it will be totally worth it.

     I've been trough this and it made me realize that I need new friends Ha! Ha!

     So back to the question. What do I think about the paleo diet? It's awesome! I have a different diet but they have a lot of things in common like no dairy and no gluten. My digestive system is happier and so am I.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, memory loss, or attention problems then read on...

     This book isn't just about nutrition, it's a full philosophy and a new perspective on the whole medicine and the way we treat diseases and disorders. The ideas in this book bring Utopia and are 100% practical!

     In the beginning he talks about human behavior and our seemingly futile attempt to solve health problems. He continues to say that pills and so on cures ONLY symptoms and the problem is still in the background and will find another way to manifests it's presence with ANOTHER symptom. How do we usually treat that? You will never guess it (sarcastic). Another pill! that will of course remove the symptom but the root problem is still there and so we run in a hamster wheel with our health problems.

     Now I know that this is a topic about nutrition BUT there is a full philosophy upon it and if you decide to eat healthier or already are doing so and you wish to enlarge your expertise so regardless if you started already or not. This is a book for you!

     I bought it six months ago and it had a big impact on my life. I always knew that eating healthy is good and all and my mentors told me to do so from the beginning but I never understood until I got my hands on this book.

     I praise it so much and I find it of great use because it's the first book on nutrition that actually gave me a Recipe! for Wellness.

     A six week program that's easy to follow and takes you step by step in educating and forming you in starting a new life of healthiness. In these six months you will detoxify your whole body and see great improvements in the quality of your life. Yes! Your whole life not just your overall health.

     It made me more focused, I found it easier to meditate, my immune system got incredibly stronger (I remembered now that about two months back everyone I know got a hard cold and I was all smiling and cheerful. My father told me "you have good genetics son looks like the cold hasn't got you *cough*" I replied "Aren't these also your genetics?" Ha! Ha!) But who am I to judge? You can't force people to live your way.

     The conclusion is that I love this book and I wanted to share with you what I think about it and what it have's to offer. There is still much much more to say about it and if you are interested all you have to do is google it "The UltraMind Solution" by Dr. Mark Hyman, you can also ready about it on Amazon, that's also where I bought it from. I really love to buy from these people (He is a REAL DOCTOR) I feel great when I support them because they bring awareness in the world and some of them don't even realize that Ha! Ha! they just do what they love and they help thousands or even millions of people with their discoveries. (It took him about 20 years of research if I remember right, using his medical way of seeing things and he stumbled upon the answers and discoveries while he struggled to actually cure HIMSELF and was shocked that the reason he was getting more and more out of focus was because he ate Ice cream with hazelnuts "It haves hazelnuts so it must be healthy" ha! ha! It sounds so wrong considering the Dairy used to process the milk for the ice cream and God knows if those are real hazelnuts or a substitute. The person who recommended me this book was RSD Thyler.

Stay focused! Breathe deep and live healthy! Take care!

Trello is great for task and goal management. I like it because its a easy to use interface and multiple people can work off the same lists.

I really like the idea of "multiple people can work off the same lists." is it cloud based? I mean, If I have the app and you have the app we can both see the one same list and work together on it's completion? This would really come in handy for a Mastermind Group working towards the same goal. Technology is really incredible!



     GoalTracker it's an awesome app for Android devices that can help in managing your goals, follow your progress, set an alarm, gives you stats, graphs and percentage until completion. Probably the best Goal Tracker I've found so far. It's simple and offers a easy interface that's nice to look at. Especially the graph colors, I really love graphs ;D

     Decide on a goal and then type it in the form, chose a category (Finances, Family, Health these are all editable and you can add your own) chose if you want an alarm, then when you want to start, chose a deadline, you can add your own image to the goal, even your own song for the alarm (6 in the morning...The eye of the tiger! TA...ta ta ta, then off you go to the running track all pump't up). And many many other options which I'm sure that you will find useful.

     After you settled your goal and made the settings it's all up to you. The app will ask you "Did you worked towards your goal today?" and give you the options "Yes" or "No". After a while when you enter the app you will see the days in which you are most turned off and lazy and also those in which you give your maximum (on a calendar and also on a graph). In other words this app really helps you understand yourself better in the long term.

Be sure to check it out if you are an achiever. Good luck on your journey and Take care! ;)


    Hi MattyD I understand your question and it actually popped up a new idea in my head. Besides Isocronic, binaural frequencies and so on there are smartphone apps and there are a few "Achieve your goals" style. You can set yourself a goal make steps for the goal (break it down into pieces or steps so it's easier to approach) and set a deadline.

     What you really wanted to know is that if there is any Physical technology that can help you in your journey. And YES! there is...

- There are some pair of glasses with headphones and a small device that can help you achieve the Theta brainwave in just 5 minutes. (They say that an average Buddhist with years of meditation experience requires about 20 minutes in a very quiet place like nature to enter that state, lucky for you, you won't need to be in nature to achieve this state actually you can be in the middle of New York because you will be wearing special headphones)

You can find and read about it here: wwwDOTmindplaceDOTcom/Mindplace-Procyon-System-Meditation-Machine/dp/B000X2BSJM

Unfortunately it's expensive compared to the next item I'l show you.

- A sleeping mask with led lights in it, you wear it and during your sleep it will flash a special pattern and you will have a lucid dream without the need of anchors, dream journal (which I still suggest thou) and other methods.

This one is called "Remee" : wwwDOTsleepwithremeeDOTcom

-Also visit this site: wwwDOTelixaDOTcom/productsDOThtm here are a whole bunch of stuff so I won't enter into details because it could take me a couple of hours probably. You can read about them yourself on google.

Note: Delete the "DOT" and actually put a dot " . " instead.

     Now about the idea I was talking a few minutes ago in the beginning of this message, when I was trying different methods to quit smoking about and year ago I used to wear a rubber band on my wrist and every time I craved smoking I would extend and let it hit my wrist so that my mind would associate the thought of smoking with pain and so naturally my body would try to avoid smoking because "it hurts". Literary...Ha! Ha! Ha!

     What's the relevance? Well what if I told you...a "Shock Watch" against Procrastination? Eh? What do you think? It's true, it's not a very orthodox method but hey! Do you want to start working out? Well wear this watch and if it detects the fact that you are not in the gym at 8 o clock like you programmed it to it will "Shock" you. Literary! HA! HA! HA! (You will have a sensor that can be left in the gym locker and the watch will synchronize with it so that if the watch isn't near the sensor at the date and time that it was set to it will trigger itself)

Hmmm...Now that I think of it I might start a crowd funding...Ha! Ha!

Take care!

     Ha! Ha! I never thought that there is so much philosophy in Gift giving, great advices, people usualy wait untill the very last moment and buy some awfull gifts.

     I love to give gifts but not on fixed dates. When I see something that I know and feel that he or she will like it I take it and give it the same day if possile. I'm santa the whole year Ho! Ho! Hooo!. My friends are shoked literary when I meet them with a gift out of blue "On what ocasion" they ask and I usualy say "Does it have to be an ocasion?" or if he or she is a close one "On the ocasion of Awesome friendship"

     I must confess that I have some exceptions, Christmass and a Birthday. And If I have a girlfriend I take her out on a long nice and special date on Valentines day. I know that this one is REALLY just for encouraging spending for the masses but it seems to be very important for every gal' so if it makes her happy well. Why not? (Sometimes I really feel that people need excuses to be happy like Xmas or Easter, it's like the only legitimate day when you can laugh and smile all the day Ha! Ha!)

    As I sayd on valentines day a nice long date with a different theme than the usual one. I give them gifts at leat once a month and once in two dates I present myself with a chocolate so she can say that our dates are sweet XD Ha! Ha!

   If you never gave gifts start doing so! You must offer before you can recieve and always recieve. Start today and give a gift for the sake of giving it and have no expectations. Give and forget that you gave! Never fall into the trap of feeling that someone is in debt to you only because you gave something to them. If you do I think you must reevaluate your meaning of the word Gift. Your compensation will come at its own accord in the perfect moment.

    So....When was the last time when you gave someone a gift?

Practical, Life hacks & Tools / Re: Declutter a room
« on: 2015 09 28 - 10:30 »
     A great! Article and a very practical "how to" I've been wondering these days if there is an article about cleaneng your house on the internet and if not to do one myself and post it. This one is way more than I was thinking of in the sense that it is very detaliated and tells about the benefits of decluttering your room and house in general which for a second didn't passed in my mind, also it comes with some great pictures.

     I myself like to keep things tidy and learn't this from my own experience, I used to live alone for a while and had dificulty in finding my things. Now when I search for something I know where to find it and if it isn't there!...I've lost it  ;D  Ha! Ha! Ha!

     It really have's an inpact not only on the mind but also on your Emotional state! Made an experiment a while ago "Before and after".

     In a few words after I cleaned the room I felt "more space" in my chest, a very pleasurable feeling of peace and easiness, felt almost like a feather. I found this very AMAZING! a banal act like cleaning your room can have such a huuuge impact on an individual.

     If someone wishes to start a journey on the road of Personal Development this is the very first thing that they should do. It strengthens the Will and sends a message to the Subconcious that "From today on we are going to make some order in my life"

     Too often I visited peoples places that where horibly organised and it took them half an hour just to get ready in leaving the house. (Finding the suited closes, wallet, keys, "Where did I left my belt?")

     An advice that goes very well after you finished cleaning the house is:

- "Mantain your order and build a habit of making order and cleaning after you EVERY TIME! This way you won't have to do another mass operation and call in the cleaning brigade :)) "

     And also feel free to move that chair, desk and even wardrobe if you are at it, it will make your place look anew, give you a pleasant feeling and gets you open and ready for new changes.

     Take care! ;)

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