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Learning is taught and practiced from early childhood. Teachers give an assignment, tell students where to find the answers, test them to find out if they did their homework. Practicing on history, math, etc. forms mental habits that can last a lifetime. Once the process becomes clear we can learn anything from how to play checkers to brain surgery. But what about memory?

A good memory is a terrific asset. People who remember my name and can recall information at will seem intelligent, experienced and worth listening to. They are more likely to succeed in whatever they attempt. What courses are offered from early childhood on that subject? I can't think of one.

I am now older than most people and can report that memory doesn't improve with age. I don't know whether that's because it gets too cluttered or the foundation is cracking but like anything else valuable it requires some maintenance. Some systems teach associating mental images with the thing you wish to remember. That does seem to help and is probably worth the time and effort.

Has anybody found a particularly good system?


Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary. Identity - The state of being a specific person or thing and no other.

My identity is what I decide to be today but has no time limits. I am in charge of my actions and attitude but what seems ideal now may make me smile later. Improvement is a beautiful thing.


Money is a tool we use for convenience. If I have none all of my time will be spent on personal survival. Money is a thing. Neither good nor evil. It does not cause happiness or unhappiness, success or failure.

If my goal is changing the attitudes of society I will succeed or not based on my message. A successful message can attract backers and money and spread faster.
Money can make the happening bigger and faster but doesn't cause it.

If you have come to believe making some money is not dishonorable and you don't actually make any will you give up? Is a small circle of influence enough?


You certainly seem determined. What exactly is success?



What is the title?


Cognition, Psychology & Rationality / Re: Brainstorming
« on: 2013 03 27 - 04:01 »
I tried this technique after reading your post. I opened a new page, began typing in whatever came to mind, and five minutes later had half a page of thoughts. It really did help. I may or may not solve the problem today but at least I can start figuring what to do next. A journey of a thousand miles begins with mentally getting off the couch.


Cognition, Psychology & Rationality / Re: Prioritizing
« on: 2013 03 17 - 05:45 »
The bubble, quadrant and grid methods are all interesting. especially the quadrant. I have often thought I run around doing what is urgent instead of what's important. Any of them should help me if I'm undecided and procrastinating.

On a day when I have too much to do it helps me to tackle the toughest one first when I'm fresh. The tasks go easier and quicker as I tire physically and mentally. It also avoids having that thing I don't like to do hanging over my head.


Goals, Habits & Planning / Re: Following Through
« on: 2013 03 15 - 05:27 »
The best habit I've come across is to make a decision. If it's worth doing, do it now or schedule it now. It's not always possible but it has decreased the number of good things that slip away.


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