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I haven't tried the apps.
If you have a place where you can practice on your own you can try to varying the following attributes, and try to really overdo the variations, to the point that it all sounds ridiculous:

- Volume (loud/soft)
- Pitch (high/low)
- Tempo (rapid/slow)- Hand and body gestures

If you get some practice time with exaggerating those attributes, your "normal level" may shift a bit towards more dynamic speech.
After trying that some time you can also try to time the variations to where they make sense within your speech.
And though I know it can be "cringey", try recording yourself speaking and while you listen, think about what most needs to be improved.
Also, as a bonus tip, simply trying to imitate a recording of a speaker you find charismatic/dynamic can be good practice.

General Discussion / Re: Tips for Personality Development
« on: 2018 07 01 - 01:38 »
I'm not sure of what you guys are asking... How do you define "personality"?  :)
It is the characteristic difference of each individuals.
Hmm. Maybe something in the article on "Choosing your own identity" could be helpful?

General Discussion / Re: Tips for Personality Development
« on: 2018 06 29 - 01:20 »
 I'm not sure of what you guys are asking... How do you define "personality"?  :)

Which acquired habits have had / is having the greatest positive influence in your life?

I'll start with two fairly basic ones:

- Getting a calendar that I'm comfortable with and started using it.

- Keeping track of my goals/habits in a digital mind map.

Money & Financial Wealth / Best Business Books
« on: 2016 06 12 - 01:40 »
What books regarding Money, Wealth & Business have had the greatest positive influence on your life?

Here are some of my favorites:

- The Richest Man in Babylon - George Samuel Clason
- The Personal MBA - Josh Kaufman
- 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss
- Ready fire Aim! - Michael Masterson
- Ca$hvertising - Drew Eric Whitman

General Discussion / Best Self Improvement Books
« on: 2016 06 11 - 11:12 »
What books have had the greatest positive influence on your life?
Here are some of my top ones to get started:
- Yes Man - Danny Wallace (Entertaining read and good message. The movie is a disastrous blasphemy of the book by the way.)
- The Greatest Salesman in the World - Og mandino
- Getting Things Done (This is a somewhat dry read but has some very practical ideas in it.)

One little caveat before delving into the world of personality tests:
 You should have good cognitive control and awareness, or else when you read the result, you run the risk of programming your subconscious into believing you are what the result tells you.
 Perhaps not a biggie, but just be careful not to let the "result" "lock" you into being [only] what the result tells you.
 I view personality tests as entertainment, but try to be careful not to let myself get locked and limited into what a tests says about me. Besides, people may get different results at different stages in their lives.
 Here are a few cautionary quotes from other sources:
 "Once you believe in something like the personality types, your cognitive biases are going to do everything they can to hold onto it."
 "Once people find out their type, they take it as a "badge that they stamp on their forehead and use as an identity marker. This is a problem. In extreme cases, people get tattoos."
 "If you only see yourself as an extrovert or as one of those four-letter codes on the Myers-Briggs," Little says, "you will have foreclosed on paths that might open to you if didn't think in terms of types of people."
 "Sticking with types alone limits our perspective, given that a huge part of being an individual is the way you interact with the world. "
 "We're not helping ourselves when we pin ourselves into categories that will limit us."

Let's collect all the best free online personality tests we can find in this topic.

There are many different types of personality tests.
I've only just started exploring personality tests (just as entertainment) but I will link to the couple of test's I've done this far.

"A psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions."

Fun test with a modern website. (Click on 'Try it today')


"Five broad domains or dimensions of personality that are used to describe human personality"

If you know of some other good ones, please feel free to post them here.
Also feel free to share with us what type you got on MBTI, if you like.

General Discussion / Re: What its like to be inspired
« on: 2015 02 27 - 22:04 »
I think there are moment we all come across inspiring things by chance in our lives. The thing is that they often just create a momentary spark of inspiration, but soon we generally tend to forget about what inspired us at those moments.

A good tip is this: When you do run into something that sparks inspiration in you - try to capture it as best you can!

- Take a photo of it - Record it - Write it down - or save it in whatever form works best for the situation.

Keep a folder (physical and/or digital) with stuff you collect over the years that inspires you.

That way, in the future, whenever you feel you could use a good boost of inspiration, you don't have to wait for chance to make you inspired - you can actually access your own collection of inspiring stuff - customized by yourself for yourself!

There are more ways of reaching the state of inspiration[i.e. by mental techniques], but this is a very "hands on" tip to start with

General Discussion / Re: Time flies When You're...
« on: 2015 02 27 - 21:47 »
I notice that the older one gets time [i.e. a year] seems to pass more and more rapidly.

Contemplating on the shortness of life can also be for:

- Caring less about being embarrassed. - How much will your problem or embarrassment today, really matter in a hundred years from now?
- Makes it easier to take calculated risks.
- Makes one think more about what really matters in life.

General Discussion / Forum Rules
« on: 2015 02 10 - 06:41 »
- No self-promotion / spam in order to keep posts of high value and quality.

- Posts should be regarding Personal Development, Wisdom Happiness and/or Excellence and preferably add value.

Link not working  :(

Thank's for the notice David!  :) Link updated!

Philosophy, Wisdom & Happiness / Re: Wisdom
« on: 2014 10 07 - 19:13 »
My father used to tell me .... don't worry about it - this time next year it will be over and you'll be worried about something different, so what's the point in worrying .....  How true that has been throughout my life!

Very good! That's the sort of wisdom-gems I'd like to see in this thread! Thanks for sharing!  :)

Cognition, Psychology & Rationality / Re: Prioritizing
« on: 2014 02 08 - 23:50 »
Has this technique actually worked for people? I've been finding that even when I have a list of priorities, it's just hard to focus on and complete projects.

This article is just about prioritizing things. Focus and completion are different topics for other articles ;-)

There's seems to be not enough strong evidence to support 'Photo-reading', so I have removed that thread.

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