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Love the topic. Very interesting...

I think you can loop a lot of things into this category...

Podcast: Seth Godin's Startup School
Book (audible version): "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield OR..."Elon Musk"
Smartphone app: Headspace or Spotify (spotify offers a ton of different playlists you can use while you're studying)

Goals, Habits & Planning / Re: Goal Setting Tips
« on: 2016 02 08 - 12:49 »
Keeping yourself motivated with goals can be tricky...
Here's a quick "hack" to get you through the week and look back with prideful eyes on what you accomplished. Keep in mind you can do this for your annual goals as well, but I find that doing this weekly is a great exercise to keep you motivated

Take 20 minutes at the beginning of the week (Sunday or Monday) and categorize your week as best you can...
For instance...
Finances---Budget for month of February---Save $200 this week
Health---Workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 30 minutes---
Take kids in for their check up on Friday
Marketing---Cold call 20 new prospects---Schedule appointments for following week---Create template for customers to use when filling out forms on site....

As you get through the week...check these off.
You can always look back at this if you get lost with what you need to do but it also shows how much you've ACHIEVED!

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