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Mindset, Awareness & Meditation / How do YOU meditate?
« on: 2016 11 10 - 02:20 »
There are of course many ways to meditate... But how do YOU meditate?

I'm not super experienced when it comes to meditation but I've done it to and fro for extended periods of my life.
I have also gone through the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat, which was nice. But I found that the Vipassana type of meditation does not appeal to me personally.

The way I meditate is very simple:

- I sit down on my knees with a narrow pillow under my ankles and another pillow under my butt.
- Then I set a timer for however long I want the session to last (usually about 15 minutes up to at most an hour).
- I then aim to keep a totally blank mind without any thoughts at all.
- When a thought appears (which it inevitably will at times) I don't make a big deal out of it but instead I simply quickly dismiss it, without giving it another thought ;-)
- On days when I feel unbalanced, I sometimes make the session "easier" for me by focusing on my breath instead of on keeping my mind totally empty.

So that's pretty much all I do: Trying to keep my mind totally empty for as long time as possible.

So what is your own method of meditation?

This may not be exactly the answer you're after, but perhaps my tips can be of use anyway.

When trying to reach and keep a healthy weight I believe it is important to not think in terms of "going on a diet" which suggests making just a temporary shift in eating habits (until you are "done" with the diet) - But rather to aim for making permanent lifestyle changes.

And to facilitate permanent lifestyle changes I believe it's wise to make the transitions as smooth as possible.
One example could be that instead of banishing an evening snack, rather replace the unhealthy snack/addiction with a more healthy alternative. That way you won't get an empty void, but a healthier replacement instead.

Another thing I do to stay away from candy on weekdays is to imagine that candy is poisonous to me on weekdays. I find this to be a good trick.

Best of luck!

Thanks for sharing that! It breathes of determination and is inspiring to read!  :)

I think confidence stems from a feeling that you can handle the situations currently at hand.
So in order to get more confident one needs to learn how to handle more situations in a good way.

That being said, one almost always have to go through situations with some level of insecurity in order to eventually build up the know-how and then get the confidence as a natural result of the know-how.

'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is a feel-good-movie which is also inspiring. Recommended.

Like so many things in life, it's about balance. Follow your passion, while also trying to take care of other important parts of your life.
Perhaps there are some ways to combine your passions with wealth hand relations? Yet that may not always be the case.
Like 'TheCloud' is hinting on, I think one should strive to become more passionate in general - so that you can broaden the scope of what you feel passionate about.  :)

I use an app called TrackThisForMe to simply keep track and see a graph of my body weight and body-fat percentage.

Nothing remarkable, but one idea that comes up is that I am able to keep track of my body-fat percentage using an electronic body-fat analyzer.
They can be either hand-held devices or incorporated in a digital body weight scale.
They are not very accurate in the actual measuring but decent enough to keep track of progress.

Then I use an app called TrackThisForMe to make a neat graph of my progress both in Kilos and Fat-percentages.

- Bruce Allmighty

Let's create a list of Inspiring (full lenght) movies!
Which movies has given you inspiration, insight or otherwise had a positive impact on you?
Two that I come up with are:
- Braveheart
- The Groundhog Day

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