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I've seen several of the smart-phone apps - ranging from 'thought for the day' type of stuff to more involved applications with specific topic areas.  Not sure how effective they are, but anything that helps keep you on track moving towards your goals can only be good, right? 

With so much technology in our lives it's easy to ignore the fact that technology has changes the way we work, live, and even think.  And this begs a simple question.  How has technology helped us to change our lives and pursue personal development goals?  Many of us have probably used a tape, book, or CD program.  But what other technologies work for you?  I'm really interested in utilizing technology to support personal change and would love to hear from others on how they've used technology to support personal transformation!

This is really good stuff.  A lot of work to be sure, but then becoming your ideal self is a process, right?  I think you can use any of the steps here to get yourself closer to who you want to be.   For me the most important part of this process is to ALLOW yourself to imagine a better you - to ACCEPT the possibility that you can in fact improve who you are and become the self you imagine.  Allow yourself to dream!   

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