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Title: Personal Development Technology
Post by: MattyD on 2013 10 26 - 06:54
With so much technology in our lives it's easy to ignore the fact that technology has changes the way we work, live, and even think.  And this begs a simple question.  How has technology helped us to change our lives and pursue personal development goals?  Many of us have probably used a tape, book, or CD program.  But what other technologies work for you?  I'm really interested in utilizing technology to support personal change and would love to hear from others on how they've used technology to support personal transformation!
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: admin on 2013 10 27 - 01:10
This is a very interesting topic!
The first things that come to my mind are various smartphone-apps, so I will start a new thread specifically for smartphone-apps.
But I am sure there are plenty of other things as well!

In general, I find a good calendar and note-taking-system has been a great help for my personal development. Some may prefer it to be digital while others may prefer good old fashioned paper. But finding and fine-tuning a calendar and note-taking-system to ones own liking can be groundbreaking!

More ideas are welcome!
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: Nimbus on 2013 10 31 - 08:30
Nothing remarkable, but one idea that comes up is that I am able to keep track of my body-fat percentage using an electronic body-fat analyzer.
They can be either hand-held devices or incorporated in a digital body weight scale.
They are not very accurate in the actual measuring but decent enough to keep track of progress.

Then I use an app called TrackThisForMe to make a neat graph of my progress both in Kilos and Fat-percentages.
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: MattyD on 2013 11 11 - 06:01
I've seen several of the smart-phone apps - ranging from 'thought for the day' type of stuff to more involved applications with specific topic areas.  Not sure how effective they are, but anything that helps keep you on track moving towards your goals can only be good, right? 
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: AspiringGreatness on 2015 05 29 - 14:53
Some studies show that Digital Note taking and reading proves more retain-able then old fashion paper and pen. Not to include how easier and more convenient it is. Technology has become an everyday part of our lives and is moving more faster then ever.

About smart phone apps, yes they have made my life more organized and productive. I have Apps to schedule, remind and resources to pull from if needed. Great topic though, but my awnser is Yes, Technology does help with my Personal Development.  ;)
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: Oneiros on 2015 07 21 - 12:20
I have personally had some success with brainwave entrainment music (as opposed to binaural beats), without it I could never slip into a deeper state so easily. The best thing about it is that I don't depend on it to meditate, or to have still, calm moments. It seems to have allowed me to slip into that state more easily in general, but I'm not sure how much of that is meditating as opposed to listening to the Alpha and Delta frequencies.
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: David on 2015 09 30 - 13:39

    Hi MattyD I understand your question and it actually popped up a new idea in my head. Besides Isocronic, binaural frequencies and so on there are smartphone apps and there are a few "Achieve your goals" style. You can set yourself a goal make steps for the goal (break it down into pieces or steps so it's easier to approach) and set a deadline.

     What you really wanted to know is that if there is any Physical technology that can help you in your journey. And YES! there is...

- There are some pair of glasses with headphones and a small device that can help you achieve the Theta brainwave in just 5 minutes. (They say that an average Buddhist with years of meditation experience requires about 20 minutes in a very quiet place like nature to enter that state, lucky for you, you won't need to be in nature to achieve this state actually you can be in the middle of New York because you will be wearing special headphones)

You can find and read about it here: wwwDOTmindplaceDOTcom/Mindplace-Procyon-System-Meditation-Machine/dp/B000X2BSJM

Unfortunately it's expensive compared to the next item I'l show you.

- A sleeping mask with led lights in it, you wear it and during your sleep it will flash a special pattern and you will have a lucid dream without the need of anchors, dream journal (which I still suggest thou) and other methods.

This one is called "Remee" : wwwDOTsleepwithremeeDOTcom

-Also visit this site: wwwDOTelixaDOTcom/productsDOThtm here are a whole bunch of stuff so I won't enter into details because it could take me a couple of hours probably. You can read about them yourself on google.

Note: Delete the "DOT" and actually put a dot " . " instead.

     Now about the idea I was talking a few minutes ago in the beginning of this message, when I was trying different methods to quit smoking about and year ago I used to wear a rubber band on my wrist and every time I craved smoking I would extend and let it hit my wrist so that my mind would associate the thought of smoking with pain and so naturally my body would try to avoid smoking because "it hurts". Literary...Ha! Ha! Ha!

     What's the relevance? Well what if I told you...a "Shock Watch" against Procrastination? Eh? What do you think? It's true, it's not a very orthodox method but hey! Do you want to start working out? Well wear this watch and if it detects the fact that you are not in the gym at 8 o clock like you programmed it to it will "Shock" you. Literary! HA! HA! HA! (You will have a sensor that can be left in the gym locker and the watch will synchronize with it so that if the watch isn't near the sensor at the date and time that it was set to it will trigger itself)

Hmmm...Now that I think of it I might start a crowd funding...Ha! Ha!

Take care!
Title: Re: Personal Development Technology
Post by: ReachMore_CJ on 2016 02 08 - 13:46
Love the topic. Very interesting...

I think you can loop a lot of things into this category...

Podcast: Seth Godin's Startup School
Book (audible version): "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield OR..."Elon Musk"
Smartphone app: Headspace or Spotify (spotify offers a ton of different playlists you can use while you're studying)