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Title: The Paleo Diet
Post by: HannahCA on 2013 11 08 - 08:16

Hey there! Has anyone tried the Paleo Diet? I have been off and on with it for 2 years now but I have just recently developed Nocturnal Asthma so I am trying to maintain the Paleo lifestyle. How has it helped you? :)

Hannah Smith |
Title: Re: The Paleo Diet
Post by: AspiringGreatness on 2015 05 29 - 15:01
Paleo has been great for me. I always enjoy going all natural and organic. So the only thing I had a hard time cutting out was bread and sugars. Once you get over that hump and stick to all natural organic beef, chicken, fruits, and vegetables it becomes enjoyable. Not to mention the great effects it does for the mind and body.
Title: Re: The Paleo Diet
Post by: David on 2015 10 03 - 06:34
     I never heard of this kind of diet before, I had to do a small research so I could understand the topic. It seems that there's a difference between the usual modern day diet and the paleo diet. So I'm just curious, how do you handle social situations? I had a small period in my life when I tried the vegetarian diet and when a host used to bring a big juiced slice of meat with apple sauce and bread in my plate I would say ,,Oh thank you, I'm vegetarian the salad will do just fine, sorry I didn't know that you prepared a meal for us,, then the look on his/her face " :| "

     This is just a reply that I think it's relevant to your question I never tried the paleo diet but I tried others and this is the part where I found it to be the hardest to deal with. When you decide to take on a new eating habit very often you will face social pressure because people are used to dig in literary anything so they won't expect to find someone who will "question they'r eating habits" (that's how they see things from they'r perspective) and so they WILL treat you different and make a good subject of gossip that will spread and suddenly you will find some degree of sarcasm in people's voices whey they raise the question "What restaurant do we pick tonight?"

     Sadly very often you get discouraged and resign your new lifestyle and chose to conform and when they see that you decided to bite that slice of meat with some "sorrow sauce" they'l put you once again in a uncomfortable position with the question "What happened to your diet? You realized that it's stupid right? Ah a good thing that you came to your senses you were starting to get annoying"

     And of course! That's the final blow and you decide to never do it again. If you decide to conform. Sadly.
     I'm not trying to discourage you or being pessimistic. I'm rising a REAL problem when you decide to do something different like a habit of dieting and think at this situation. Have your answers prepared and your determination in check when this will happen. The benefits you will get when you stick to it will be totally worth it.

     I've been trough this and it made me realize that I need new friends Ha! Ha!

     So back to the question. What do I think about the paleo diet? It's awesome! I have a different diet but they have a lot of things in common like no dairy and no gluten. My digestive system is happier and so am I.
Title: Re: The Paleo Diet
Post by: Samuelson on 2017 09 21 - 06:28
I prefer a ketogenic diet.
Title: Re: The Paleo Diet
Post by: Dexterminator on 2018 06 28 - 10:21
Never tried Paleo Diet I just go with the flow.
Title: Re: The Paleo Diet
Post by: Dexterminator on 2018 06 28 - 10:23
I prefer a ketogenic diet.
I have an asthma but I never tried any diet plan.