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Title: A truly wise person?
Post by: TheCloud on 2015 03 22 - 21:45
Does anyone know, personally, a truly wise person?  A person who, when you go to them with a question about life, either knows the answer or knows how to help you look for it.  A person who, though they might not have all the answers, isn't stymied by your difficult questions.  Such people are supposed to exist, but I don't have a personal relationship with one such, and I was curious if anyone here does and what it is like.
Title: Re: A truly wise person?
Post by: AspiringGreatness on 2015 05 29 - 10:01
I listen to all people, especially elder people. They have been there and done that, I don't block out anyone. I like the saying talk less and listen more. Absorb all different experiences and knowledge in life. As per what your asking if I know like a Mr. Miyagi or a Wise Old Owl on a tree stump, then no not yet. I learn from people experiences and shared knowledge. Haven't found anyone yet with the all knowing answers.