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Law of Attraction in Money


Anyone have any tips or ideas on how to use the law of attraction in money/business? How do you stay in that abundant vibrational state so that you can receive?

One exercise that I heard of doing is to imagine as if you received a $1000 check the first day. You can use a check template to actually write a check to yourself. Then, write down exactly what you will spend that money on (outside of savings or gifts to other people, since savings implies lack and gifts implies that other people lack). The next day, you double that amount to $2000. The next day, you double it to $4000, and so on. Eventually, you will get to a point where you can't think of much else to spend the money on, but it's just to push you to be more comfortable with larger amounts of money.

Other than that, I've been listening to some meditations online in regards to money or abundance. There's many free ones available on YouTube. I find these best to listen to right before I go to sleep. It helps me to relax and calm down, plus it provides positive affirmations for my subconscious mind. (I notice the change in my subconscious in just a matter of days after listening to the meditations.)

Awesome Minds:
Hi Serene,

I think you are on the right track with meditation and as you say you do notice the difference.

The law of attraction is such a big topic and there is so much information available that it can be confusing and many people find it difficult to understand or use in the right way. It is basically the law of cause and effect, or what can also be known as karma, whatever you put out in the universe through your thoughts, beliefs and actions will return back into your life in a similar way. In other words you get like for like.

This is why what we think and believe has a big effect on our lives, and our actions tend to be influenced by those thoughts and beliefs. We have thousands of thoughts during a day and we do not remember all of them, so some of them could be contradicting our best thoughts. What I mean is, if we are generally thinking positive thoughts based on what we want to achieve in life, and yet we are fed and receive many negative thoughts, then those negative thoughts can cancel out our positive thoughts.

If we decide on a goal and have thoughts of reaching it, but then have doubts that we will be able to reach it, or worry how we will reach it, then we have undone our goal (this is why so many people struggle with the law of attraction). So we need to continually work on our positive thoughts and we can do this, through affirmations, meditation, reading the right material, listening to music, anything that will strengthen our positive mindset. And of course try to minimize our exposure to negative vibes from others and media etc..

There is no exact blueprint to make the law of attraction work, we are all different and respond to different methods. The best thing that people need know is that whether they realise it or not, the law of attraction is always at work 24/7 and will give them like for like, so it is a good thing to work on your thoughts as often as possible.

Thoughts become things.


Thanks for sharing Rob! I agree with your point on how our negative thoughts throughout the day cancel out the positive ones. Nowadays, I have been listening more to meditations, affirmations, upbeat music, or watching videos with good messages to keep up a positive vibe. Sometimes, I slip into negativity. However, I always do my best to bring myself back. When I find myself drowning in negative thoughts, I'll think about some activities that bring my mood up. I wonder how much my overall vibration will change after a month or so of consistently doing this. :)

I will share with you my experience. 
I had watched my mother hide money away to pay the bills each week.  There was never enough to pay the bills etc.
As I grew up I did the same thing for many years.  Mum never said a word to me about this, it was something I would see her do and thought I must do it as well.  Programmed behaviour.

Ask yourself if you have any programming or habit you are doing including the word tracks in your mind.  You may be saying something over and over again without even realising it.  It may be the words of another person in your head.

I had the opportunity to watch the movie The Secret everyday for 30 days.  There is a section in that movie that stuck with me.  I went on holiday a couple of weeks later and the words from Lisa were going over and over in my head.
"Do yourself a favour, expect a cheque!"
When I got home I had over $2500 of cheques in the mail.  I had no idea that these cheques were coming or these people were sending them.

LOA does work.  I had no attachment or doubt when I was saying those words in my mind.  It was something that felt right and I went with it.

It is all about how your FEEL about what yo are thinking.  If you think Do yourself a favour, expect a cheque and them FEEL doubt, or even the slightest thought about where the money is coming from, the positive work you have just done has been undone.

It is fun working with the Universal Law in our lives.  It is fascinating what you are able to create.  Have fun with it!!

"LOA does work.  I had no attachment or doubt when I was saying those words in my mind.  It was something that felt right and I went with it."

That is the key - no doubt, complete detachment, felt right.

Two ways I view money every day:

"I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on an continuous basis". Bob Proctor
Money flows easily, freely and from everywhere.


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