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Making money to make a differenceOne of my biggest revelations was about the need to make money in order to better contribute in full alignment with my purpose and mission. Without money, I really can't go far... this is the reality. not just for me, but for everyone. Even Mother Teresa needed money to accomplish her work of benevolence. I had to work on my perception of making money...

What some of us connect making money to
In my business, I was having a lot of trouble moving forward. I wanted to figure out why... My biggest value is contribution (based on Anthony Robbins' 6 core values) and it seemed as though it clashed with all concepts related to building a successful business. I did not perceive making money as a good thing: it felt like taking money instead of giving of myself. As weird as this sounds, I was not able to accept money at all... I know many out there are dealing with the same issues and struggles.

The concept of giving and receiving, ie accepting to receive,  made a lot of sense, but there was some internal and subconscious work to be done first.

It took a lot of coaching, different types of coaching and connecting with a very supportive group, to start stepping away from my original view of money. My mission is very much related to breaking the cycles of abuse and this part of my personal and business growth had everything to do with it.

Please let me know what you think and what your experience has been with money.
Your struggles are all stories that will help others find happiness!
Please do not be shy to share! Thank you!

Money is a tool we use for convenience. If I have none all of my time will be spent on personal survival. Money is a thing. Neither good nor evil. It does not cause happiness or unhappiness, success or failure.

If my goal is changing the attitudes of society I will succeed or not based on my message. A successful message can attract backers and money and spread faster.
Money can make the happening bigger and faster but doesn't cause it.

If you have come to believe making some money is not dishonorable and you don't actually make any will you give up? Is a small circle of influence enough?


I was bought up thinking that money was something other people had and that it didnt grow on trees haha.
That was the biggest lie I was ever told!

Studied the law of attraction and some other techniques to dissolve limiting beliefs and now I can accept money into my life with no problemo... and it come
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See you ther

Awesome Minds:
Like anything in anyone's life, it is how we think about it and believe it to be and the same goes for money. If we think and believe it is hard to make, then that is what it will ultimately be like in our lives. As Kerrylittle mentioned about how she was brought up to think about money, this is what we grow up believing and those childhood beliefs run deep.

To change anything in our lives we have to take the time and effort to think about them differently and to work on our beliefs of them, we have the freedom to choose our own beliefs, instead of the ones given to us by others.

Money is neutral and is ready to be in the lives of anyone who believes they can have it, it's only benefit is freedom and choice.


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