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Focus, Goals, Motivation, Five years and still no movement?

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Hi.  My name is Renny.  I am posting to ask for some advice really.  I am a failed internet marketer, or, that's how I see it.  I have been trying to market online for five years.  Purcased all the packages, systems, ebooks, motivational stuff, some of which I actually read and followed to the letter.

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to moan, I also have absolutely no intention of giving up.  What I suppose I'm am asking is, does anyone have any real advice?  I have started a blog and will be using it more like a journal, listing what I am doing and how each action pans out.  I will be starting from scratch (Again) but this time I will write down what works and what does not.  Your advice would be useful, however, be aware that I have Done the article writing, the website creation, seo, ppc, cpc and still no success (So Far).

Failure is not an option, I wil be a success at this. As I mentioned, I have loads of systems, e-books, motivational books, packages Ect.  I will be giving them all away via my blog, not set it up yet but will let you know when I have.  Your advice would be very helpful, perhaps we can move forward together?  What do you think?

You certainly seem determined. What exactly is success?



Awesome Minds:
Hi Renny,

Firstly I do not believe you have failed, you have just not achieved the results you desire yet. You will only fail if you give up, and from your post that is not an option. Well done, never give up.

You have mentioned that you have a lot of systems, ebooks etc. I am not saying that you have not given them all a chance to work, but many people skip from one thing to the next because they do not see results quickly. Like I said, I am not saying this is the case with you, but I believe you are now on the right track...

Set up your blog (let me know when you have, as I will visit) and do exactly what you have outlined in your post. Give people value and they will thank you for it. Stick with it and be consistent and you will see the success that you want.

Your success is a personal matter and only you know what success represents to you, but if you work at achieving it daily, then you will achieve it in time. Go for it!

I totally agree with what's been said so far.

As you'll be aware, a lot has changed in the past 5 years in IM. Whatever you purchased back in 2008 is likely to be out of date now anyway - so things do move on and you would have had to have made some changes to your approach.

However, what hasn't changed in that time period is content. If you haven't got content.... (and LOTS of it), then people just don't know you're there.

YouTube and blogging has been around for all that time. I'm assuming you're a full-time IMer ? If you had posted an article per day (or made 1 video per day) for those 5 years which should be a minimum), you would have 1500+ of pieces of content across the net and, unless you've totally trashed your sites with Panda / Penguin updates, then Google couldn't have failed to notice you.

If IM isn't your main source of income (ie you have a J.O.B.) then hopefully you are outsourcing work ? If you're not, and are only 'playing' with IM at the weekends, then you can pretty much forget it. IM is a full-time occupation, make no mistake about that.

Either way, don't underestimate the power of social media, and 'answer sites' (like Yahoo Answers) for driving traffic. It's hard work (but then hopefully you didn't believe all that stuff about the 2 hour per week "internet lifestyle")  ;)

Hi Renny!  I also have been doing internet marketing, I love it and I believe I can succeed!

I actually started last year, but I had a big gap because i had a baby.  I am so motivated now, working on my business daily. 

Are you only blogging? Do you have a list? Like have you collected people's emails?

I would be happy to exchange thoughts as I am trying to build my business my self :)



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