Author Topic: How do YOU meditate?  (Read 9564 times)

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How do YOU meditate?
« on: 2016 11 10 - 02:20 »
There are of course many ways to meditate... But how do YOU meditate?

I'm not super experienced when it comes to meditation but I've done it to and fro for extended periods of my life.
I have also gone through the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat, which was nice. But I found that the Vipassana type of meditation does not appeal to me personally.

The way I meditate is very simple:

- I sit down on my knees with a narrow pillow under my ankles and another pillow under my butt.
- Then I set a timer for however long I want the session to last (usually about 15 minutes up to at most an hour).
- I then aim to keep a totally blank mind without any thoughts at all.
- When a thought appears (which it inevitably will at times) I don't make a big deal out of it but instead I simply quickly dismiss it, without giving it another thought ;-)
- On days when I feel unbalanced, I sometimes make the session "easier" for me by focusing on my breath instead of on keeping my mind totally empty.

So that's pretty much all I do: Trying to keep my mind totally empty for as long time as possible.

So what is your own method of meditation?

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Re: How do YOU meditate?
« Reply #1 on: 2016 11 16 - 05:34 »
Well! There are so many ways to meditate and relax yourself in important circumstances.

I started with yoga. I was 21 at the time. It worked perfectly for me at the time as I had a lot of physical energy to express and doing those asanas was a challenge for me.

I was always known to the fact that after playing football or hitting the gym, I acted mindfully, relaxed and used my brain better. The anxiety seemed to disappear and it felt amazing. But it was difficult to do that if you dont have the environment to play or the energy to hit the gym.

After I felt adept at the physical part of yoga, I felt the voicing 'Om' gave me a different kind of relaxation and awakening. I thought I had opened my third eye haha!

But yoga couldn't work when I was actually in a situation where I wanted (exams, relationship troubles, fearful situations), that is where my mind was open to mindfulness. Mindfulness does not need a 'session' or a yoga mat - it is applicable everywhere! I learnt it through videos on youtube and Aura Health app.
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