Author Topic: Your goals create your happiness!  (Read 3529 times)

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Your goals create your happiness!
« on: 2018 04 19 - 10:33 »
Hey all!

So something interesting I have come across was that our goals create our happiness. How? Well its no mystery that happiness comes from progress, but how can we progress without having our goals in place. With no goals we are just wandering through life, no direction. When we establish our goals we know exactly where to go and how to grow!
goals = direction = growth = happiness

But I thought this was something worth sharing!

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Re: Your goals create your happiness!
« Reply #1 on: 2018 06 28 - 10:16 »
Happiness can be achieve anytime. It is just your mind setting if you choose to be happy all the time then it is good for you and for everyone. Start watching good vibes videos, then start a happy topic and story to your friend and family. YOLO my friend happiness is free it only waits you to make it happen. SO best of luck