Author Topic: How to figure out what goals to follow in career?  (Read 5704 times)

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Hi! I have been getting some advice from a blogger about my career. It's a great web site about following ones dreams. I was complaining about not making enough money in my career (art)and he suggested writing a list of new ideas to make money,  a certain amount by a certain date...I don't want to write him back sounding sarcastic but I do not understand what that means. IF I knew what new actions to take to make better money, I WOULD BE DOING THEM.

I truly do not know what else to try. I'm not lazy, I'm very eager to take action but don't know what action to take. I thought maybe I'm being hard headed and so have been scouring my brain for the past 48 hours. It's actually been going on for years, Iv tried so many things, nothing is working or "flowing". I'm pretty stuck. I could explain out the whole scenario here but it would be extensive. I am all about setting a goal, taking the steps, and carrying out the actions.

So the question is: if you are ready to take the steps and carry out the actions to achieve your goal, but you don't know what the new "things" you need to do are, how do you figure it out?

Everything I can think of, I have done or isn't possible or realistic. I think the blogger thinks I'm making excuses but I'm not!
I'd be so happy to get some suggestions!

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Re: How to figure out what goals to follow in career?
« Reply #1 on: 2014 02 26 - 04:59 »
Hi Syrri,

You say you are all about setting a goal, taking the steps, and carrying out the actions, but what you did not say is whether or not you have reached the goal you set, or are still trying to reach it, or have given up on it.

If you set a specific goal, then you know what you want to achieve, if you have committed to that goal 100%, then you will not fail to reach your goal, unless of course you give up on it.

If you want to make more money, then you have to find a way to provide more value, that is how the universe works. If your intention is to make more money, the 'how you are going to achieve it' is not important, you just need to focus on your intention to make more money, and start to take some steps that you think might help you to achieve making more money. On your journey to achieve your goal, if you are consistent and stay focused on it, there will be things show up that will assist you, whether that be people, opportunities or ideas, but they will show up as long as you stick with it.

You have to set your goal, commit to it and have complete faith in achieving it.

I hope this helps

Regards Rob

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Re: How to figure out what goals to follow in career?
« Reply #2 on: 2014 03 13 - 18:25 »
I would find someone who has done what you want to do (in art) and pick their brains. It seems like maybe you need a (art) mentor or a coach to guide you through the steps. Basically, find someone successful in your career and model them.

  • Figure out what your desired end result is.
  • Find someone who has attained that result
  • Read their book, blog, article, etc. on their experience
  • Contact them, ask them questions, pick their brains on how they got to where they are.
  • Enjoy the ride, being frustrated is a good sign your going to change (the teacher will appear when the student is ready)