Author Topic: Habits - Which are your best habits?  (Read 8370 times)

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Habits - Which are your best habits?
« on: 2016 11 10 - 02:02 »
Which acquired habits have had / is having the greatest positive influence in your life?

I'll start with two fairly basic ones:

- Getting a calendar that I'm comfortable with and started using it.

- Keeping track of my goals/habits in a digital mind map.

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Re: Habits - Which are your best habits?
« Reply #1 on: 2020 01 24 - 05:01 »
Waking up one hour earlier than I need to for work has been a huge productivity booster for me.  When I get up before everyone else in my household, there is a peace and quite that isn't there any other time of the day.  Also, these hours add up; rising one hour earlier for a years adds over two weeks per year of productivity that you would have spent sleeping.
The peace in my household in the morning is unmatched.  As soon as the next person rises, the noise level does also.  This increases steadily for the remainder of the day. 
These extra hours give me time for daily reflection.  The morning is a wonder time to count blessings and number all the things that are going in a good direction.  Taking time to do this at least once a day is great for emotional well-being.
Exercising in the morning helps to getting the physical body moving in the right direction, and stay in top shape.  Start will a small amount of strength training and add a bit more each day.  Don't forget to add a good stretch routine as well.
Just doing these things should boost your productivity .  I like to read in the morning and catch up on personal communications.  Sending a message to someone you haven't talked to in a while will refresh relationships.
Rising early has been the key habit that I'm able to fill with small, useful sub-habits.