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Re: Following Through
« Reply #15 on: 2014 10 05 - 21:54 »

Well there is a powerful discussion going on here , and i wouldn't want to miss it.

I have a question for you.and here it goes
 How does it make you feel when you not following trough?

  -Are you angry on yourself?
  - Do you blame yourself ?
  -Do you feel like incapable of getting anything done ?

 The real key is to first monitor how you feel about it. If your answer for any of the questions above is yes, you need to start paying attention to your feelings and acknowledge that it's OK to not following through everything you set to achieve. The simple fact of acceptance will have a dramatic shift on your behavior.The more you will blame yourself or feel disappointed of your capacity of not following trough,the more you will be unable to follow trough. Make peace with yourself. You not alone not following trough and we all do.

Now I will suggest that you try not to set too many goals and resolutions  for yourself, instead set a goal that will shift your life and bring it to the next level. The one that truly matter. Focus on it and make it your priority. Stick to it until it is done. Be patient and be persistent.
Break it down and do something about it every single day. You will be amaze by the result you will get.