Author Topic: What Do People Ultimately Look For  (Read 11840 times)

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Re: What Do People Ultimately Look For
« Reply #15 on: 2016 07 19 - 11:58 »

an important question and some great responses.

As a long time personal development fan and a personal guide, I have come to learn that what people primarily look for is some form of satisfaction. But the real problem is not so much in seeking satisfaction, but in its form and in the way it is achieved. Unfortunately, it is mostly through some cheap escapism, either by satisfying our mind (ego) or body. Mostly the result is a false feeling of satisfaction, which almost immediately passes away and leaves emptiness which craves another dose.

Showing people how to become present by not giving their mind too much freedom and appetite, but rather learn how to see the reality of now and act upon it proactively and responsibly, is I believe a great way to help people cope with themselves and the hectic world around us.

Thank you!
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