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« on: 2014 09 26 - 11:13 »
We all know it. We've all heard it.

Knowing and hearing doesn't mean that we actually act upon that knowledge or vocalization of this fact.

TODAY is all that we have.

Oversimplified? Maybe, but here's the deal: Often the PROFOUND can be FOUND in the simple.

We all know that TODAY is all that we really have and we've all heard that before. However, how many of us actually LIVE our life based on that information?

I once heard it said (or I read it somewhere) that "Today is the Tomorrow that you worried about Yesterday".

I've also used this example many times myself in my blogs and podcasts: "That period of time that we call 'Tomorrow' will be called TODAY once it arrives. So, in reality, TODAY is all that we have."

Plan for our future? Sure. Absolutely.

However, TODAY is the only day (or time period) that we can actually DO something about/with and it is also the only day (or time period) that we can live.

We can "relive" the past in our minds but we cannot go back and relive that time in the past. We can plan for the future but we cannot live IN the future.

So friend, take advantage of the time that you have RIGHT NOW...TODAY.

Once gone, it is gone forever to never be reclaimed.

And, as you do so, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"