Author Topic: Tips to boost your self-confidence  (Read 1687 times)

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Tips to boost your self-confidence
« on: 2016 07 17 - 15:36 »

Growing up, I should concede I had low self-regard. Possibly it was my companions who made me feel that I don't have a place and I was a washout or something. What I did was simply concentrate on my studies which made me look a washout much more.

When I achieved secondary school, I started to mingle and get a gathering of companions. Some way or another, they have expanded by certainty by letting me know acclaims and the great qualities that I have.

At present, I can't say that I have 100% certainty yet I think I am sufficiently sure to confront the world.

Presently I simply need to inquire as to whether you have certainty boosting tips so that anybody here who needs certainty would figure out how to improve.

Indeed, what would you be able to guidance?

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Re: Tips to boost your self-confidence
« Reply #1 on: 2017 04 08 - 09:41 »
There is a great article about ways to gain confidence here

You will learn:

01. Keep Yourself Happy : Make yourself happy first, before trying to make others happy.
02. Learn to face Problems : Tackle your problems head on, find out what your issues/problems are then work on solving them.
03. Learn From Your Experiences : Don't get stuck in a loop of failure, shame, or regret. Always move forward and don't look back.
04. Keep Negativity at Bay : Never give up and never loose hope. Believe in yourself.
05. Know Yourself : No one can judge you better than yourself. Take time to meditate and relax, get to know yourself better.

Good luck and let us know your progress!  :D