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Title: Looking for an Accountability Partner
Post by: janjanis on 2015 05 27 - 05:33
Hello :) !
My name is Janis Daugavietis
I am 20 years old student from Latvia.
In the past I have experienced inability to keep commitments I had made to myself so I am looking for accountability partner.
Plan is to communicate once a week ,in Skype call, in which ,we would review progress made this week and set goals for next.Call could take about 30 min, altough it can vary. 
I should say, that I am serious about this  and will expect you to do work you have committed to.I will try to push you to do better, and I will hold you accountable if you didnít do what you promised to.
I expect you to do the same to me.
This process will work only if we both hold each other accountable to our promises and donít allow each other to procrastinate or just not try.
Please respond only if you are serious about this and ready to commit to do the work.
If that is you ,please contact me in comments and we'll figure rest out :) 
Waiting to hear from you,
Janis :)
Title: Re: Looking for an Accountability Partner
Post by: roehmadam on 2015 07 30 - 03:46

Have you found an accountability partner?  I am also looking for one.

Contact me here (send a PM) if you're still looking for one.  I'll forward my Skype info and we'll move forward.