Author Topic: Please Stop Saying You're Awesome !!!  (Read 3705 times)

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Please Stop Saying You're Awesome !!!
« on: 2015 02 04 - 04:59 »
Hello Friends and Visitors of this amazing forum, I just want to share with you what i think of lazy people who think that they're awsome and they're showing off of being lazy in social media (I bet you know one of them) :)
 Normally,  when you're only 16 or less, it's normal to believe that being lazy is equal to being awesome. but as you grow up responsabilities increase and your way of thinking should change in order to be more active, more careful about your professional future and finally a mature man who have goals that he needs to achieve.
 In the other hand, some people (lazy people ) don't grow up mentally as they should and they still believe that being lazy is something awesome when actually it's not. So, i'm telling you (if you are one of them) that it's time for you to stop being lazy and become an important and active member of your society.
 I know you think you are smart, and i believe you but i need you to prove it in the real world by doing something that matters and have an impact on the world, because that's what i call being AWESOME.
 I hope you liked my short post, and i'm waiting for your thoughts about this matter (y) Love U all :D