Author Topic: Grinberg method?  (Read 5286 times)

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Grinberg method?
« on: 2013 06 29 - 01:13 »
Hi All, has anyone heard of a self help method called Grinberg? I have been looking this up because my sister has recently started with them, and not everything I read makes much sense or seems very positive. I am a bit concerned and wondered if anyone has had any experience with this? Thanks from a concerned older sister  :)

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Re: Grinberg method?
« Reply #1 on: 2013 07 05 - 07:51 »
Hi, I do not know about this method, but noticed that you had no replies and as you are concerned for your sister was just wondering whether you had read the information about the Grinberg method on Wikipedia as there is quite a lot of information. If you have, then sorry I cannot help any further, but if you haven't then may be it might help you.

I hope you find the info you need.