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Title: Unhealthful dependency
Post by: Arpita on 2016 06 16 - 23:16
Hey friends,

It's been a year since I have managed to whittle away 70 pounds and stay off unhealthful foods and beverages, most of the time. At one point, I was addicted to consuming caffeine and white sugar. While I relied heavily on prayers and affirmations for my healing (which gave me steady results btw), I must admit that when I choose to indulge, my cravings come back.

 I would like to know if anyone has underwent or has been going such kind of dependency on unhealthful substances. Or if you have successfully healed your cravings from absolutely anything and have tried going sober.

Awaiting your responses, buddies!!

Title: Re: Unhealthful dependency
Post by: Nimbus on 2016 06 18 - 02:54
This may not be exactly the answer you're after, but perhaps my tips can be of use anyway.

When trying to reach and keep a healthy weight I believe it is important to not think in terms of "going on a diet" which suggests making just a temporary shift in eating habits (until you are "done" with the diet) - But rather to aim for making permanent lifestyle changes.

And to facilitate permanent lifestyle changes I believe it's wise to make the transitions as smooth as possible.
One example could be that instead of banishing an evening snack, rather replace the unhealthy snack/addiction with a more healthy alternative. That way you won't get an empty void, but a healthier replacement instead.

Another thing I do to stay away from candy on weekdays is to imagine that candy is poisonous to me on weekdays. I find this to be a good trick.

Best of luck!
Title: Re: Unhealthful dependency
Post by: Arpita on 2016 06 26 - 11:06
Thanks for the response. Although my question revolved majorly around addictions, not weight loss per say, I agree with your solutions. I myself managed to kick off my unhealthful habits by making gradual lifestyle shifts. However, I still try to stay away from the triggers which could pull me back into an unhealthful rut, since I can be sensitive to the people or situations around.