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Title: Personality Tests - Best Free Online
Post by: admin on 2016 05 08 - 03:27
Let's collect all the best free online personality tests we can find in this topic.

There are many different types of personality tests.
I've only just started exploring personality tests (just as entertainment) but I will link to the couple of test's I've done this far.

"A psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions."
 ( (

Fun test with a modern website. ( (Click on 'Try it today')


"Five broad domains or dimensions of personality that are used to describe human personality" (

If you know of some other good ones, please feel free to post them here.
Also feel free to share with us what type you got on MBTI, if you like.
Title: Re: Personality Tests - Best Free Online
Post by: admin on 2016 05 08 - 03:38
One little caveat before delving into the world of personality tests:
 You should have good cognitive control and awareness, or else when you read the result, you run the risk of programming your subconscious into believing you are what the result tells you.
 Perhaps not a biggie, but just be careful not to let the "result" "lock" you into being [only] what the result tells you.
 I view personality tests as entertainment, but try to be careful not to let myself get locked and limited into what a tests says about me. Besides, people may get different results at different stages in their lives.
 Here are a few cautionary quotes from other sources:
 "Once you believe in something like the personality types, your cognitive biases are going to do everything they can to hold onto it."
 "Once people find out their type, they take it as a "badge that they stamp on their forehead and use as an identity marker. This is a problem. In extreme cases, people get tattoos."
 "If you only see yourself as an extrovert or as one of those four-letter codes on the Myers-Briggs," Little says, "you will have foreclosed on paths that might open to you if didn't think in terms of types of people."
 "Sticking with types alone limits our perspective, given that a huge part of being an individual is the way you interact with the world. "
 "We're not helping ourselves when we pin ourselves into categories that will limit us."
Title: Re: Personality Tests - Best Free Online
Post by: Arpita on 2016 06 16 - 23:32
Couldn't agree more. It's being open to interacting with different types that we sometimes actually get to know about our own personalities .