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Title: How to be more confident
Post by: TrueLifeDevelopment on 2014 05 10 - 07:54
I wanted to create a thread for people to give each other tips on generating confidence or just acting with more confidence

Here are mine:

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Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: feeosh on 2014 09 21 - 21:04
What an excellent video.  The link on your post is a bit odd, are you able to just post the URL part which might make it easier for others to click through. :)
Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: mspillman on 2014 10 02 - 11:07
You become more confident by becoming confident in WHO YOU ARE.

You are here for a reason and you have special and unique "talents and abilities". Sure, others may have similar talents and abilities but NO ONE is like you!

Head up, chest out and WALK IN CONFIDENCE because YOU are the only YOU in the whole world!

And, as you do so, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: AspiringGreatness on 2015 05 29 - 10:41
As they say " Hard work beats Talent, when Talent doesn't work Hard " Never stop improving, Never let fear stand in your way, and Never stop trying to succeed. You will get confident at each try, it comes down to :

Achieved through self discipline and personal development. Good luck. ;)
Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: Susan on 2015 09 16 - 13:25
          How To be more confident:

               Confidence can be achieved by the thoughts we choose to think and act on. Thinking positive on purpose and taking daily action on new knowledge is the key towards renewal for every area of our lives. The battle is in the mind, and where the mind goes, the man follows. Building confidence can be achieved when we choose to believe.
Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: allanrsm on 2015 12 27 - 15:26
Confidence comes about from developing a positive self  image based on what you want, not what you  feel you should accept.

By developing a positive self  image you  begin to discover the abundant resources within you that can be highly beneficial to you each and everyday when given space to flourish and develop.

Confidence  also comes about by constantly talking to yourself, building yourself up and convincing yourself of the greatness within you each day!

Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: Nimbus on 2016 01 23 - 01:22
I think confidence stems from a feeling that you can handle the situations currently at hand.
So in order to get more confident one needs to learn how to handle more situations in a good way.

That being said, one almost always have to go through situations with some level of insecurity in order to eventually build up the know-how and then get the confidence as a natural result of the know-how.
Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: Arpita on 2016 03 03 - 20:03

An important truth to really understand and believe in is that we are already born confident. It is not something which we need to acquire over time. Being fearless and approaching everything with zest is the adorable trait every baby is born with.

Therefore, trusting in the Universe and the Divine power is something that fulls you with instant confidence. You're here for a Divine reason to fulfill a Divine purpose. And your purpose can be fulfilled only by YOU. Therefore, there is no competition or rivalry, nobody can let you down and supercede you. When you get this truth clear in your mind, any fear or doubt naturally gets cleared away. You become relaxed and more accepting of who you are. And this in turn, increases confidence.

Title: Re: How to be more confident
Post by: subconscious on 2016 06 27 - 07:43
To be more confident, I think you must trust your capabilities, learn to accept positive recognition, convince yourself to be good and practice confidence itself!!