Author Topic: Lucid dreaming for manifestation [technically subconscious redirection]  (Read 9316 times)

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I've been using the WILD method (wake induced lucid dreaming) to enter into a slight trance state. When the images in my mind a clear, I link a memory to my conscious mind. The result is an image representing the memory and the state that produced the memory.

The key to wild is gradual muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization (starting with visuals, followed by feelings, and then sounds. Taste and smell are optional; however they are the most powerful when used correctly).

This is useful for manifestation.
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In response, post your results in the following format

description of the memory

It's best to start in the morning just as you're waking up, but this works when you have about 30 minutes to visualize.
Pick a pleasant result. This is my goal setting process. When setting goals, it's best to set goals that you've accomplished before. For example, a good goal for me would be to make $800. I've only made that much money once or twice, so I know I can do it if I try, but I don't know if all the resources will come to me like before.

Start with visuals. Notice and describe what the images that come to mind remind you of. For example, when thinking about the most amount of money I've ever made at once, I remember my office, and walking in on the last day before I received my pay check. I clocked out, and saw all my hours logged into the clock. Then I remember walking out. Later that day at my new job I got more hours. Usually, when my hours change, they get cut in half until I'm working only 2 hours a week (when I decide to get a new job). I've never gotten more hours before.

Follow the same procedure with feelings, followed by sounds.

When you finish hearing what the memory sounds like, go back to a blank "screen" for me, it's just the darkness I see behind my eyelids. By now, you should start to see things. Describe your goal, and ask "what does that look like?" You should get an image. It could be hazy, far away, or grey. Use your real world hands to reach out and grab it, bringing it closer. Use your real world hand to pretend to flip on a light switch if it's grey or hazy. Using your hands is important because your brain interprets motions from your hands as actually interacting with the memory as if it's real. It's okay if you start to wake up a little bit. After you've grabbed it, ask yourself "what does it feel like?" , and "What does it sound like?" after that. These three questions make it real in your mind.

Two things are happening when you do this.
a) you're focusing in on things in your environment. I remember when I thought about the personal coaching I did for $50/hr once, I got a upward growing red line graph. Then later I decided to pick up a new book I got, which had sat in my room for weeks, despite thinking "this is probably the most important book I've bought for making money," I read through it. On almost every page was that same line graph I saw in my mind.
b) you're generating a mental or biological frequency attracting you telepathically to people with similar or related interests or to people with similar or related memories. I remember thinking about getting a girlfriend, and later that day, I met a girl. We dated for a few weeks. It wasn't perfect, but it gave me stronger memories to work with, and a clearer idea of what goals I should work to achieve. Keep in mind, that telepathy is real. More frequently than chance in controlled lab tests, people can determine which friend is calling them even when the caller is random. A study organized through the internet had 5 people log into a system, and one of them received a message that they had a call waiting. once they picked which person is calling them, the system patched them through to the caller. While random chance was 1:4, people succeeded over 60% of the time. More than statistically significant. Similar experiments revolve around Animal psychic perception. Some animals can predict with 80% accuracy. The highest documented telepathic perception was with a bird correctly producing 1 in a 150 word vocabulary corresponding with both the bird's owner and randomly selected individuals.

a third possible solution exists
c) true manifestation. You are actually creating something out of nothing. According to new age philosophers, your thoughts literally form the foundations of the universe. If you change your thoughts, you change physics, and can create forms out of nothing; however, I can't find actual documentation. If I find any I'll let you know. "Keep an open mind and it will happen" they say. Both a) and b) above work even if you don't believe in the law of attraction, so we can scientifically test the above results, while c has proved difficult to test beyond the double slit experiment.

After you review your memory during trance-

Focus on the goal, and your subconscious will generate a symbol that will produce the same results. If telepathy is relevant, your brain will utilize it subconsciously. If you need to notice something your brain will make it seem interesting or important.

During the day-

I've found that feeling comfortable holding the symbol in my mind produces the best results. Conversely, when I feel short of breath, tense, or uncomfortable thinking about the memory, the symbol, or the goal, I receive no results. Taking deep calming breaths and remembering the symbol associates calmness with the symbol, allowing me to feel comfortable. When I add excitement by smiling as I breath deeply and roll my shoulders back, I achieve even stronger results.

future posting-

over the next few days I will post the results of my past week of experiments with this procedure and draw some more conclusions. Furthermore, I will include future hypotheses.


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Jo Edwards

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Sounds interesting, never tried this method. I might look into this... thanks for the share!

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There is absolutely no doubt about the efficacy of this method. However, visualization triggers the manifestation process and soon the Universe starts sending ideas to our minds, as solutions to make our dreams come true. The key is to act on those ideas else visualization merely gets limited to lucid fantasizing.