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Title: Risk vs. Reward
Post by: mspillman on 2014 11 01 - 14:00
For the most part, everything that we do has a certain amount of RISK as well as REWARD as part of the process.

Some risk is greater than others, with the same being true of reward.

Whether it be asking someone out on a date, getting married, decided to have children, choosing a job, changing a job or many others - there are RISKS involved with each as well as there being REWARD involved with each.

"The odds are against you" or "The odds are not in your favor" may be said by those around us as a way of "warning" to us if we have decided to take what may be considered a "risky move" in the eyes of others.

Sometimes, even in the midst of "negative odds", the REWARD (at least for us) outweighs the risk and we move forward with our plans.

Another way that this is considered is by using the "Pros vs. Cons" approach as well.

Do the work. Do the "research". Do your best to make the best decision - for YOU - that you can.

But, at the same time, know this: Being human means that you will NEVER make the "right choice" 100% of the time.

Don't let that disturb or discourage you, friend. For this is part of what makes up "life" as we know it. It is part of the "thrill" of being alive and experiencing life.

Don't be afraid to take a little risk from time to just may end up further ahead, by doing so, than you ever thought possible!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Title: Re: Risk vs. Reward
Post by: AspiringGreatness on 2015 05 29 - 14:43
Great post Mike, its all about Risk Management. Weight out the Reward compared to the Risk. Yes, that is true we all must take risks here and there, try and learn. Apply your knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcomes.  ;D