Author Topic: How to improve my public speaking.  (Read 4740 times)

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How to improve my public speaking.
« on: 2020 02 15 - 18:49 »

I am wondering how I could improve my public speaking? Before I give a public speech, I imagine myself speaking dynamically with great inflection, but when I actually speak, it comes out boring.How can I fix this? Does anyone have any tips on dynamic public speaking?I have seen certain apps out there that claim to help with public speaking like "astound them, however it is a freemium app that is very expensive per month. Would an app like this help? Are there cheaper alternatives?

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Re: How to improve my public speaking.
« Reply #1 on: 2020 02 16 - 00:42 »
I haven't tried the apps.
If you have a place where you can practice on your own you can try to varying the following attributes, and try to really overdo the variations, to the point that it all sounds ridiculous:

- Volume (loud/soft)
- Pitch (high/low)
- Tempo (rapid/slow)- Hand and body gestures

If you get some practice time with exaggerating those attributes, your "normal level" may shift a bit towards more dynamic speech.
After trying that some time you can also try to time the variations to where they make sense within your speech.
And though I know it can be "cringey", try recording yourself speaking and while you listen, think about what most needs to be improved.
Also, as a bonus tip, simply trying to imitate a recording of a speaker you find charismatic/dynamic can be good practice.